Your Mattress Is How Old? Time For A Royal Suite Upgrade

Do you know how often you are supposed to be replacing your mattress?

It might be a lot sooner than you think. A Royal Suite Home Furnishings in Palmdale has more than just coffee tables and dining chairs, they carry a rounded selection of high quality mattresses as well.

An Antelope Valley staple, A Royal Suite Home Furnishings has been serving their customers faithfully since 1978. Owned and operated by one multi-generational family, providing the best service and options for our community is their top priority. Centrally located in Palmdale, valley residents have easy access to a good nights’ rest.

With a community-centered focus one of their main priorities, A Royal Suite chose Palmdale as one of their locations so they can be accessible to Lancaster, Antelope Valley, Quartz Hill, Leona Valley, Lake Elizabeth, Green Valley, Tehachapi, Little Rock, and more! No one should have to miss out on high-quality, timeless furniture and supportive mattresses.

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“Whatever our days are filled with, we all need a comfortable and supportive mattress to fall into after the sun has gone. Waking up with neck and back pain due to a bad mattress should not be your every morning,” said A Royal Suite.

That’s why it is so essential to have a supportive, clean mattress. While we are asleep, our brain goes through different cycles of alertness, and in order to function at our full capacity, our brain needs to get an adequate amount of deep sleep. If we are uncomfortable, in pain, or keep getting woken up, we are unable to get that special kind of sleep.

Mattresses need to be replaced every 6-8 years. That’s right. Many of us sleep on 15+ year-old mattresses, wondering why we wake up just as exhausted as the day before, when the answer is right under our noses. A new mattress designed to support your body and mind so that you can truly find rest might be just what you need.

At A Royal Suite Home Furnishings in Palmdale you can find new, affordable mattresses from well-known and reputable brands. Carrying both the Tempur-Pedic and Restonic Scott Living from the Property Brothers, A Royal Suite wants you to have the best array of options so you can find a mattress perfectly suited to your needs.

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